What a Virtual Assistant Can Get Done in a Month

Indeed, I simply finished my initial month of utilizing a dedicated virtual collaborator through Ask For Assistant, and let me let you know, it was amazing. I will share my experience with detail including the specific solicitations I utilized her for, so every individual who felt like me can have a superior comprehension of what’s conceivable.

The Actions and My Virtual Assistant Veronica

My VAs name is Veronica. She lives in London and fills in as a leader right hand, content author, and digital advertiser. I told Ask For Assistant what I was searching for and they matched us up. Soon after, we skyped for 30 minutes so we could discuss each other’s work processes.

What I love about having a devoted virtual helper contrasted with other different services is the proficiency managed by open availability. She approaches the entirety of my online accounts that I’ve allowed her authorization for. She likewise can make buys for me as the Ask For Assistant’s credit card integration is secured.

This set up scales much better than services where you have to give account data on a repetitive premise. Our relationship additionally turns out to be more effective the more we cooperate and build up a more prominent comprehension of one another’s inclinations.

Perhaps I’m excessively reliable to my benefit, however so far I’ve felt truly OK with the Ask For Assistant experience. This has been repeated by other Ask For Assistant clients I know.

All the Assignments My VA Has Done For Me A Month Ago

One of the primary difficulties for me when I first suggested having a remote assistant was understanding what could be appointed. I figured posting a rundown of all the tasks she accomplished for me last month would help other people gain knowledge into what’s conceivable.

Delegated Tasks:

  • Discover contact at ECSI to talk with about altering my understudy credit installments
  • Find precise cycle and telephone number for getting another debit card from Wells Fargo
  • Find Out the Process and Availability for Volunteering at two spots I chose
  • Schedule a call with somebody utilizing my schedule accessibility (7 occasions)
  • Café reservations (4 cases)
  • Adding things to my schedule (4 cases) 
  • Find an instructional video showing the most proficient method to download SoundCloud records locally onto my iPhone
  • Book a Dr’s arrangement inside a date extend given my favored accessibility
  • Rearrangement Dr.’s appointment….
  • Separate all the photos of my family’s dog in Dropbox and put them into a specific folder. Now and again I need a cheer up. It occurs.
  • Information Entry from photographs into an excel sheet (2 events). I’d take a screen capture of unstructured information and have her log it into a google spreadsheet so I could sort and control it.
  • Discover the return policy for a gadgets buy
  • Discover articles on all the advantages of joining the consultants association. Turns out there’s a huge amount of sweet discounts and anybody can join
  • Call and check whether some coupon my mother messaged me for the Banana Republic applies at non-plant stores
  • Welcome each and every individual who mentioned to join my google group at regular intervals (repeating)
  • Discover Google+ Communities on Business Development, Sales, and Productivity for me to look at
  • Find instructional videos on the most proficient method to extricate sound from a video clip utilizing ScreenFlow
  • Download the sound records from a membership website into my dropbox so I can add them to my iTunes
  • Sign me up for remunerations accounts on 3 airlines I use sporadically. Log the qualifications in a google docs spreadsheet.
  • Find 5 Google Analytics/SEO specialists for an Odesk work I made

This is what my cash got me.

What I believe is unquestionable all the more convincing is the extra worth I had the option to make for myself with a theoretical, extra 10 hours of transfer speed. Conceded I wouldn’t have done these things if I didn’t have somebody to assign tasks to. Furthermore, I need to let you know, it felt great to work on that “perhaps sometime in the future” list with another person’s assistance.

Article requested from our client Scott Britton

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