Virtual Research Assistant Services

Virtual Research Assistant Services

Any new business requires doing a massive amount of marketing research in order to find the best suitable market. A new product launch or a new business project launch requires an extensive amount of Virtual Research Assistant before getting executed. In this research time, you may get a huge chunk of unnecessary data and you need to sort out the data that you need from that. You also need to make sure that all the research data well verified and market-tested. It takes countless hours of time to do market research.It’s hard to manage this amount of time, therefore, if you lack time to do marketing research, our virtual research assistant comes with years of research experience to help you and provide a vast array of research services such as:

Primary Information:

Primary information in any research means surveys through questionnaires, targeted groups of people even interview with specific people for a specific research project. Mainly primary information is collected to update a product with new features or to launch a new product. It helps to understand how your audience is going to respond to it. Our virtual assistant can set up the interview, questionnaire, and contact list whenever you have selected a targeted market niche for research.

Our virtual assistant can create a questionnaire, collect responses, organize interviews with email, take interviews with the phone, schedule appointments with the specific target group of people through video meetings, and collect the response. They can sort out the response for you so that it becomes easier to understand.

Secondary Information:

These sets of information are information that is already available in different sources. The information can be available on websites, blogs, and government sites. Google Analytics, Scholarly Research Journals, or even news updates.

Our virtual assistants are trained enough to collect necessary information from these sources through research and provide valuable research data to you.

Qualitative and Quantitative Information:

Our virtual research assistants are heavily skilled to do qualitative and quantitative research and provide you a full picture of the data. Our assistant will set the data in a way that will help you get a clear understanding of the research from different aspects.

Whether it is the pie chart, line graph, report, points-based, hypothesis, and growth rate, it will show the data of research in all these different shapes or forms to give you a clear idea about the results of research. All the data will be interpreted in a way that it becomes easier for anybody to understand.

Other Types of Virtual Research Assistant:

We train our virtual assistant to carry out any other types of research that untraditional for you. You can choose any topic and any research method, our virtual assistant will do it for you and you will save your time and money.

Comparative Research:

The researchers are done best when the research result can provide you different options to choose from. Our virtual assistant can do research for you and provide you with multiple different choices to choose from. For example, you need to newspaper delivery service to your office, we will analyze different newspaper delivery services near your office and provide you with the best choice.

Our team will not only provide the best possible choice for you to choose but also a comparative analysis of other choices associated with it and explain the differences of strengths and weaknesses of making each choice compare to other ones.

For instance, newspaper delivery service company A provides you newspapers with the cheapest possible rate but newspaper delivery service company B provides you the newspaper in the fastest time, whereas, the option C of newspaper delivery service company has the lowest amount of days which means you an even get newspapers in the weekends on time.

Data Virtual Research Assistant:

This service of research is designed especially to collect the contact list. You just need to inform your virtual assistants about the data you are looking for and they will jump right in.

Just to illustrate it further, you may ask our virtual assistants to collect contact information from nearby schools for conducting your next education seminar there. Our virtual assistants will collect email addresses, school names, locations, and whether they are allowing to conduct an educational seminar or not.

Our virtual assistant will organize all the data in spreadsheets and excel files for you so that it becomes easy to understand. You can even ask us to step one step further and our virtual assistant can contact all the people on the contact list and make an update regarding each phone call made.

Information Virtual Research Assistant:

These types of research are done mostly to collect basic information. For example, whether you want to purchase a certain gym membership or you want to join the new class of a swimming club, what are the benefits of both? What are the benefits of hiring a certain HR consultancy firm to hire your new employees?

We can help to figure out data for any specific source and fetch only specific information that is necessary. We will verify the legitimacy of the data, the relevancy of information, and the newly updated information on that certain topic.

Our virtual assistant will organize the report in a certain way that will help you to read the report faster and understand it. The reports will be provided on the table from, graph form, diagram form and other forms so that it becomes crystal clear to you.

Customer Support:

It is important to have a professional customer service team as customer service affects heavily customer’s perception of the company. Every single virtual assistant of us well trained in providing world-class customers.

A well-organized customer service team can turn any casual customers into long-term customers. It requires patiently listening to customer inquiries, understanding their emotion, and giving a professional solution to their problem. Are you ready to hire our word-class support team? The services provided by our customer service virtual assistant are listed below:

  • Provide logical and customer-friendly solutions so that customers are pleased.
  • We handle customers that are willing to purchase products and the customers are not that interested. We try to engage them with your brand.
  • We can handle the live chat with your customers and provide them support and handle both inbound and off-bound calls.
  • Handle reviews with professional replies and answer all the recurring inquiries.
  • Calmly handle the issues of customers and restrict the issues from getting bigger.

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