Virtual Administrative Assistant & Executive Assistant

Virtual Administrative Assistant & Executive Assistant

At Ask For Assistant, you can hire an expert Virtual Executive Assistant or Virtual Administrative Assistant. Our assistants can expertly manage calendars, schedule appointments, reservations, manage inbox & social media, create business proposals, and all the basic duties.Every single business needs to hire a Professional Assistant such as an Admin Assistant, Executive Assistant, Remote Assistant, Virtual Office Assistant, Online Administrative Assistant to make sure that it becomes easy to handle daily tasks and run business operations smoothly. These are just different names of assistants but the role is the same, and that is the admin role! An administrative assistant does all the small tasks that can help to optimize your business operations. Normally, hiring an in-house admin assistant cost a lot of money. But hiring a virtual assistant with Ask For Assistant saves you at least 40% costs. Because you do not have to provide office space, employee benefits, and training to our virtual assistants. And you can hire an assistant only for the hours you’re going to need.

Ask For Assistant is able to provide you a dedicated USA Based Virtual Assistant, also UK Based Virtual Assistants if you prefer for Virtual Administrative Assistant. Our virtual assistants (VA) are professional enough to handle your business tasks regardless of your country. Our VA will work remotely from home with you and can make your business tasks done smoother than ever.

It is comparatively way more time saving, cost-efficient, and faster process.

Our professional virtual assistants provided services in many reputed companies worldwide and made their day-to-day tasks more organized. Our professional Executive VA will perform the following duties and probably many other duties according to your requirements –

Scheduling, Call Answering, and Data Entry

Our virtual assistant will professionally schedule your appointment with the clients or business partners and provide you reminders. Your VA can handle your client’s queries by answering their emails, live chats, phone calls (if the number is provided). Virtual assistants also can handle the data entry task including inputting client information and managing customer data.

Research and Planning

Our virtual assistant can do any type of research about any data that you want, they can research the client’s background or even your new business partners. They can also research your product, they can do professional insights about your product demand. Our expert VAs can handle event planning including conferences, business meetings, and ceremonies. VA can book your desired hall online, send online invitation letters, order foods and groceries online, and can help you to conduct your events successfully. All this work is done remotely.

Travel and Correspondence Management

If you are too busy to organize your business travel plan, our virtual assistant can contact hotels to find the best price and book it. They can also book your airplane ticket in a short time, can rent your car services online, and find a local guide for you. Our VA also can manage the business partners, customers, and stakeholders of the business.

Card Scanning

If you are going through a lot of business meetings and collecting cards, sometimes it becomes hard to manage their contact information. Our virtual assistant can scan the visiting cards and keep all the important information in a folder. So whenever you need it, you can use it.

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