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There is no point in launching a new product to a website if your customers have no proper knowledge about it. The sales can only happen when the clients are well informed about the products and offers. There is no need to create landing pages, create funnels, and do SEO marketing in order to increase product sales. Online marketing plays an even bigger role in marketing promotion then billboard marketing and TV advertisement. Online media has the capacity to reach billions of customers from cities to countries. The online marketing campaigns need to be managed regularly and it eats up a lot of time. So, if you only focus on online marketing, how you are going to manage your business? Therefore the answer is with our virtual assistants. You can hire our virtual assistants that are SEO experts, marketing graduate, and certified online marketers. You will save hours of doing repetitive, monotonous, and boring tasks of managing online marketing campaigns when you hire us. Our services are rated at a very affordable rate.


Responsibilities Can Be Taken Cared By Our VA:

If you are trying to reach to your targeted customers through online marketing, our digital media marketing experts got you all covered. We provide services in the following area –

Paid Search Marketing: When you decide to pay money on a search engine marketing campaign and you have to pay to promote your advertisement in search engines and increase your website ranking, it is called paid search marketing. However, if you decide to hire our virtual marketing experts, they will take care of all of it for you.

Social Media Marketing: Our virtual social media marketing assistant can help you to run paid campaigns on all social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Quora, etc. They also can help you to set up and manage your ad accounts, setting up pixels, analytics, A/B testing, etc.

Content Marketing: Content marketing is when you need to create new fresh content every day that are trending in online, it can be any source of content including videos, pictures, quotes or even fresh article or blog post related to your business. You need to keep on posting regularly to increase your organic reach. A virtual assistant can help you achieve this goal.

Many SME business owners try to do content marketing by posting articles related to different topics. However, they cannot continue doing it regularly as it is a long term commitment and they have other business aspects to take care of. Our marketing virtual assistant will do research to find new topics, make sure it’s trending and relevant to the market, and write an engaging article on a daily basis.

Email Marketing: Do you know how to write an engaging email to increase the email open rates? How you can write an email that can straight away capture the attention of your clients? An email can affect a lot towards making your next sales if it is done correctly.

Hiring our virtual assistant will provide you the benefit of creating an engaging email for your marketing campaign, replying to your customers regarding marketing queries, and increase the email open rates.

Creating Email Newsletters: It is a great strategy to keep sending email newsletters regarding new offers, launching new products and webinars so that your customers stay engaged to your brand. Sending constant links of product landing pages and engaging write-up content to your customers and increase the sales.

For doing that, you can hire your virtual assistant who will design your email, research and find new content, write completely unique and engaging content, set up the landing page, modify the layout of the email newsletters and track down the analytics of customer response.

Lead Generation: Lead Generation is a process to collect the information of the customers that includes email address, name, age, and other personal information. It is to put on viewers through the different qualification process and taking their data to verify it and find the correct information. It helps to make targeted marketing in the future and generate. It is been told the most pro-active leads are those who come through inquires to your product and services.

Google Adwords: Google Adwords can be used to bring new customers to the business and bring sales faster. Assign our virtual assistant to set up the Google Adwords of yours with engaging keywords and help you to bring new clients to your website or in your physical stores.

Clueless about the Google pie charts, bar graphs, and numbers mean to your business? You have no idea how to interpret google reports?

No worries! Our virtual assistants got your back, they will interpret your google Adwords report step by step so that you can understand the performance of your website in Google.

Ads Image Design: Do you know images play a big role in order to create viewer attention? Do you need images on social media sites, websites, and ad campaigns on a regular basis? How is your image editing skills? Can you edit images with professionalism?

If the answer is no, then you can hire our virtual assistant that will create, edit, and post images on your social media sites, websites, and ad campaign as well. So why not hurry up and hire our VA for it?

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