How Our Virtual Assistant Agency Works

Basic set up. Quick effect. See the guidelines on how our VAs get started with you.
Let’s talk and get to know each other.

Book A Free Consultation

The first step required is for you to book a free consultation session with us. That way, we get to know each other. While some other agencies collect fees for consultations, ours is free. During the consultation, we note your needs, terms and conditions, working hours, payment plans, and the qualities you seek in your VA(s).

Also, during this session, we help you understand our agency, Ask For Assistant, better. We provide you with information on how best to work with Virtual Assistants and other vital things you need to know about VAs.

With this information, you can rest assured you are on your way to being matched with your ideal VA.

    We choose your ideal VA and it doesn’t take long.

    Your Ideal VA

    With the requirements you have provided, we get down to work. We conduct our research as experts and select the VA among our professionals whose profile best fits your requirements; in terms of exposure, personality, and other relevant skillsets.

    Don’t think this will take longer. Our agency Ask For Assistant is fast. In a day or two, we will get back to you with our suggestions. You will receive a detailed proposal for a professional VA we have carefully chosen based on analyses. You can guarantee our suggestions are reliable.

    You Can Meet Your VA Even Before the Deal is on.

    Time To ‘Meet’ Your VA!

    We do not need you to be satisfied, we need you to be excited about working with your new VA. That’s why unlike other VA services, we allow you to have direct communication with your Virtual Assistant like your very own hired employee via various means, such as emails or phone calls. We also give you the chance to talk with your recommended Virtual Assistant before you create your Ask For Assistant account.

    We’ll schedule a call for you to chat with your would-be VA. This ensures you are pleased with your VA and that you are ready to work with them. You get to discuss your business, working style and goals, previous projects, and other things.

    Just in case you are not completely satisfied with the VA recommended; we’re committed to work with you to find your ideal VA.

    Our customer support team will help you to get set.

    Let’s Setup an Account For You

    Now that you have found your perfect VA, you can create a user account with us for further process and payment. You can be assured that we will be there with you all through our business relationship. Once you have completed our simple form, you will meet our CSM (Customer Support Manager). They will ensure you benefit all embedded in our services. They get in touch with you regularly for feedbacks and reviews. They will also provide a backup VA if your VA is temporarily unavailable or sick.

    Start saving your time, energy, and money!

    Time To Get Started!

    Your VA will expertly guide you through the beginning of the journey, as you get acquainted with remote working and delegating tasks. Also, our Customer Support Team is consistently on tap as well.

    You’ll also get your user account and Task Portal dashboard, where you’ll be able to monitor your usage history and work progress –, for example, how many VAs are working with you, your VAs profile, how many hours you’ve used your VA, what task took how much time for your VA and many other things.

    Let us get you the help you need to grow your business.

    Ready To Boost Productivity?

    How It Works

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