How Our Virtual Assistant Agency Works

Basic set up. Quick effect. See the guidelines on how our VAs get started with you.

Let’s talk and get to know each other.

Book A Free Consultation

The first step required is for you to book a free consultation session with us. That way, we get to know each other. While some other agencies collect fees for consultations, ours is free. During the consultation, we note your needs, terms and conditions, working hours, payment plans, and the qualities you seek in your VA(s).

Also, during this session, we help you understand our agency, Ask For Assistant, better. We provide you with information on how best to work with Virtual Assistants and other vital things you need to know about VAs.

With this information, you can rest assured you are on your way to being matched with your ideal VA.

    Your Ideal VA

    We choose your ideal VA and it doesn’t take long.

    With the requirements you have provided, we get down to work. We conduct our research as experts and select the VA among our professionals whose profile best fits your requirements; in terms of exposure, personality, and other relevant skillsets.

    Don’t think this will take longer. Our agency Ask For Assistant is fast. In a day or two, we will get back to you with our suggestions. You will receive a detailed proposal for a professional VA we have carefully chosen based on analyses. You can guarantee our suggestions are reliable.

    Time To ‘Meet’ Your VA!

    You Can Meet Your VA Even Before the Deal is on.

    We do not need you to be satisfied, we need you to be excited about working with your new VA. That’s why unlike other VA services, we allow you to have direct communication with your Virtual Assistant like your very own hired employee via various means, such as emails or phone calls. We also give you the chance to talk with your recommended Virtual Assistant before you create your Ask For Assistant account.

    We’ll schedule a call for you to chat with your would-be VA. This ensures you are pleased with your VA and that you are ready to work with them. You get to discuss your business, working style and goals, previous projects, and other things.

    Just in case you are not completely satisfied with the VA recommended; we’re committed to work with you to find your ideal VA.

    Let’s Setup an Account For You

    Our customer support team will help you to get set.

    Now that you have found your perfect VA, you can create a user account with us for further process and payment. You can be assured that we will be there with you all through our business relationship. Once you have completed our simple form, you will meet our CSM (Customer Support Manager). They will ensure you benefit all embedded in our services. They get in touch with you regularly for feedbacks and reviews. They will also provide a backup VA if your VA is temporarily unavailable or sick.

    Time To Get Started!

    Start saving your time, energy, and money!

    Your VA will expertly guide you through the beginning of the journey, as you get acquainted with remote working and delegating tasks. Also, our Customer Support Team is consistently on tap as well.

    You’ll also get your user account and Task Portal dashboard, where you’ll be able to monitor your usage history and work progress –, for example, how many VAs are working with you, your VAs profile, how many hours you’ve used your VA, what task took how much time for your VA and many other things.

    Ready To Boost Productivity?

    Let us get you the help you need to grow your business.


    You can also call us on 0330 120 0477 if you need to chat.

    We’re pleased to do business differently.

    At Ask For Assistant, we provide our services globally and recruit only the United States and the United Kingdom-based virtual assistants to ensure that the service meets international requirements and gets fit for any businesses regardless of the country.

    The next point is you can hire an amazing Virtual Assistant at a very affordable price you can sensibly budget for. We charge only $25 per hour whereas our competitors charge $35-$50 per hour.

    We always put your needs first, not our own! We review and find your perfect assistant to match your requirements and expectations. At Ask For Assistant, we’ll talk with you, will hear about your business, your goals, and talk about the support you’re searching for, so you can take your business/productivity to the next level by working with the right remote assistant. We’ll at that point talk about your necessities as a group prior to handpicking the absolute best Virtual Assistant we have accessible for you – we’ll take a gander at everything from the organizations they’ve worked with in the past to your shared individual interests.

    When we have the ideal match, we’ll send you a brief profile of that VA and, if you like that VA profile, we’ll set up a call between you both.

    According to your requirements, time zone, and service structure, we will assign a professional VA who has a hold on a different task and provide you multiple services. All our virtual assistants are well experienced and UK/ US Based, they are very easy to communicate with and fluent in English speaking. To learn more, please read the above FAQ “Why you should choose Ask For Assistant?”.

    Your new VA will be working with you or with your team to help you each and every day, likely for a long time to come, so we believe before you get started it’s significant for you both to meet each other first and ensure you are an ideal choice for one another.

    This call doesn’t have to last long! It can even last as meager as 10 minutes if you want to do a quick conversation.

    We assign you free consultation hours to make sure that you can pick your preferred plan and billing system. Once you set up the date to get started, we bill you straightforwardly from there. Our accepted payment methods are Credit/Debit Card, (VISA, MasterCard, American Express) Bank Transfers.

    If you need extra time to complete a certain task, you can simply ask our virtual assistant for it. At the end of the month, we will provide you with billing for that extra task hours.

    If you have any unutilized hours during the month, we will let you use those unused hours in the next billing month.

    The entirety of our customers is partnered with our Customer Support Representatives. The Customer Support Team at Ask For Assistant is always there to proactively assist you with taking advantage of our services, addressing your inquiries, they also guide you and do a careful review of how our service is functioning for you.

    We make sure that our site is 100 percent secure as Ask for Assistant is fully encrypted 128 SSL encryption. Our virtual assistant is checked on backgrounds so that we can make sure none of your professional or personal data gets leaked. And we do not share any of your information or assigned task details/delivery of the tasks with third parties.