Step by Step Walkthrough on Working with A Virtual Assistant

Ever Thought about Assigning Tasks to Virtual Assistant?

This article will be step by step walkthrough towards hiring a virtual assistant and also how hiring a virtual assistant can help to optimize the business operations. We will talk about how assigning regular and continuous tasks to a virtual assistant (VA) can help you to reduce work pressure, cut down mental stress, and speed up the daily business tasks. These guidelines are the blueprint regarding how you can use a VA in your business function and increase efficiency.

The Definition of Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant can be the one who helps you to get all your personal and professional work done remotely without you taking any hassles. The work that you cannot do due to the busy schedule, the virtual assistant will complete work with the preferred business software or tools your company is using. You can even take suggestions from our highly skilled virtual assistants regarding the ways you can get your task done and which way is most suitable for your business. You can contact our virtual assistant directly through many mediums including Email, Phone Calls, WhatsApp, Skype, and Facetime.

How Can a Virtual Assistant Help Me?

You can assign any task to Ask For Assistant virtual assistant at any time. Our Virtual Assistant team are extremely professional and dedicated to their job. You can assign them any task and they are going to accomplish it in the given deadline time. So by hiring our virtual assistant you can save yourself from investing time behind daily monotonous administrative tasks. So that you can focus on the important stuff that should be prioritized in your business to be taken care of first.

Besides, all of our team members of virtual assistant has a long history of working professional and aspiring graduates from recognized universities worldwide. They will do their best to get your job done on time and with finesse.

The Code behind Finding Work-Life-Balance

To find time from your busy schedule and finding a balance between personal life and work life, you can hire a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant can help you to get your lower prioritized administrative task, schedule your appointments, and handle your clients, and many more. As a result, you can find a lot of time for yourself and your family. Using a VA means you can save your cost, time, and optimize the overall productivity of your life.

The best part of it, you do not need to hire the employee legally, provide them with facilities, pay rent, or even pay any kind of overhead costs. You just need to choose the hours that suit you and get the qualified help you need to reach your full potential.


Steps of Assigning Tasks to Virtual Assistants and Get Tasks Done

Ask For Assistant Ltd.

Once you have made up your mind to hire a Virtual Assistant, you need to find a place to hire a virtual assistant. Look no further! As we Ask For Assistant is a hub for professional Virtual Assistant consistently providing our services for the long term. You may want us to let you know what you can get done, once you share your tasks list and requirements with us we will assign a personalized virtual assistant to you who specializes in these tasks. For example, you need someone to handle your customer calls, we will assign you someone who has vast experience of working in the call center or has relevant experience in customer relationship management. So that you can sit back and relax and let professionals handle the tasks. We always aim to make it easier for you to access virtual assistants so that you do not need to deal with the pressure of finding online workers. There are some steps that we recommend to our clients that can be followed to assign tasks to Virtual Assistants and these are:

Meet Your Assistant – Initially, we suggest you introduce yourself to your new virtual assistant we’ve assigned and get to know each other. It helps our Virtual Assistant to understand your thought process and predict how you want the projects to be done.

Team Orientation – If our virtual assistant will be working for any of your employees or departments, make sure to introduce the VA to the team the VA will work for.

Keep Tracks – You can choose to use spreadsheets or excel sheets or project management tools like Trello, ClickUp, etc. to keep track of the task you have assigned and the progress that is done on the task. It helps to keep track easily.

Share Timetables and Contacts – It is of utmost importance for you to share your timetable and contacts with the virtual assistants so that it becomes easier to conduct tasks. You can give access to the collaborating tools you are using or our virtual assistant can suggest some software that will make your work easier.

Request Updates – You can request updates at any time to our virtual assistants. You can even ask for hourly updates to check the progress of your work.

Schedule Meetings Time to Time – The best way to guide a Virtual Assistant is to make face to face Skype, Zoom, or Google Meet calls. It is recommended that you do voice calls or video calls with your Virtual Assistant at least once a week to establish a strong working relationship.

Stay Patient – It might take some time initially for our VA to adjust to your work styles. Once they get adjusted, the work speed will be optimized and soon you’ll notice the changes in your productivity both professionally and personally.

Developing Effective Relationship with Your VA – Once you get to see results and you find that your works are getting done by Virtual Assistants on time, you might be ready for long term commitments. You may want to hire multiple virtual assistants to handle multiple departments of yours. You will be shocked by how efficiently your tasks are getting managed around your calendar. You might even want to design training and developing programs to educate your virtual assistant regarding your operational style.

To develop a healthy working relationship with the virtual assistant, you need to follow certain steps. Worry not! We even designed the roadmap for you to establish a relationship with your virtual assistant.

Show Friendliness – You might want to develop a friendly and chilled relationship with your virtual assistant as you will be handling the over with your essential tasks. When you open up, it makes it easier for them to understand you better and work around your flexibility. Do not be hesitant as our virtual assistants are very friendly and easy to communicate with. around. Ask your VA about his/her family, what s/he did during the weekend, and personal interests. Likewise an office employee, your virtual assistant will respond well if you take interest in them as a person, rather than just another cog in the machine.

Build up 2-Way Relation – Try to face time your virtual assistant to develop a better working relationship. It is much easier to set up communication with someone over video calls rather than text messages. Understand whether your virtual assistants are facing difficulties, guide them, and take insightful suggestions from them as sometimes they might be able to provide better solutions to you as they are highly experienced.

Help Them to Transition with Your Team – When you add your virtual assistant to your inter-company networks such as social media networks, project groups, and slack, it helps them a lot to understand in which direction you want your projects to go. It helps them to feel like part of the process and not an outsider. Please remember, a Virtual Assistant is an employee of yours too, it might be for some hours that you bought but if one employee of your mess-ups the tasks due to lack of communication, the whole project will get hampered.

Appreciate Your VA – If the virtual assistant can complete the task before the time is given and done a good job, please appreciate their work as it will motivate them to do more.

Keep Steady Pace – Please take note that, a virtual assistant is not working on your company for years like your other employees to understand non-verbal directions. Even though they are professionals, they still need time to understand how your team works and how you want to get the work done. So, please provide clear directions and be patient with them.

Select Tools Wisely –You need to select the correct tools to get your tasks done smoothly. Our virtual assistants are always thriving for the betterment of your experience. Therefore, we recommend you to use certain tools that can help you to manage your tasks better and provide a better work experience with Virtual Assistants. Here are a few of our favorite tools:

  • Google Spreadsheet
  • Dropbox
  • Jing
  • Sunrise
  • Trello

Assign Tasks and Provide Instructions Consistently – Many times, due to being lazy or expecting your employees to understand, you might not delegate the instructions properly. Leave no stones unturned and provide constant instructions to your virtual assistant on how you want your tasks done.

Communication is a 2-way street and if you do not delegate the tasks well to your virtual assistants properly, your deadlines will hamper, your work efficiency will suffer and the projects will be on hold. Therefore, providing consistent instruction is a healthy way to make Virtual Assistant work.

Ask For Assistant for supporting teams – Our AFA support team has been designed with some dedicated bunch. They will support you to get the best result in any condition. Sometimes, it might be full of hassle and massacre for your team to handle too many tasks and meet the deadline. You can request us and we will provide you with the small yet highly productive virtual assistant team that will manage your task very smoothly. Our AFA team are well capable enough to tackle any types of Admin task that includes:

  • Calendar coordination
  • Meeting notes and agenda distribution
  • Travel booking and itineraries
  • Expense reporting
  • Administrative burdens
  • General research

You can simply forget about all the hustle and bustle of every day and you can room around tension free and let our AFA team handle your day to day monotonous tasks.

Virtual Assistant service is not only for individuals. Our AFA team can work for your whole team and fulfill any duties made by your team members within the working hours and task responsibilities.

Ready to Hire our Virtual Assistants? Check out our Plans and Pricing or Book A Free Consultation.

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