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Highly Educated and US/UK Based

Our team of virtual assistants is highly trained, college, and university graduates with a hefty amount of experience from the United States, Canada, and England. They have very good communicational skills and able to handle even nit-picked issues of customers online.

Head Start Right Away!

The virtual assistants of your team are trained even further to provide you top-notch service based on their abilities. You can even make a customer service request and we will provide service for that too with the customized plan. Our main aim is to make your business task easy by our virtual assistant and remove all your work stress.

One on One Assistance via Our Virtual Assistant

We provide a USA or UK based dedicated virtual assistant to help you get all the tasks done. All your service requests are handled by the assigned virtual assistant from us fully dedicated to communicating with you, you don't have to deal with multiple people. Ask For Assistant's expertise staffs are balanced and talented enough to deal with any official task. If you make any specialized request which isn't the cup of tea of your assigned virtual assistant, we will assign it to other assistants who are professional in it.

One Reason To Work With Ask For Assistant

A Perfect Alternative of Employees for Businesses and Individuals in the form of Virtual Assistant

The job of a virtual assistant is to provide expert service to the companies, entrepreneurs, and various organizations and solve their small to big issues remotely with minimal to no supervision. Our virtual assistants are experts in solving the most difficult problems of market entrepreneurs, businesses, and organizations. We have specialized in providing our customers with a pathway for solving any kind of issues through constant communication, remote assistance, and constant customer support. You can request work at any time of the day and you will get that work done. The most amazing thing is that remote assistants don't need to give the workspace and offices, you can save 40%+ of your business operation cost when you take a dedicated VA from Ask For Assistant.


Get Fast Response

Your dedicated VA replies to you within 3 hours either with the delivery of the task or an estimated time of completion


Monthly Subscription

Our subscription plans are month-to-month, and you can upgrade or downgrade upon needs


First Rate Quality

We find and train simply the best—we care about our customers, love our work, and appreciate making a difference


Composed & Secured

Historical verifications of VA, secure secret key sharing instruments, and scrupulousness


Save Yourself Time, Energy & Money 

Get tasks done without you being involved

Ask For Assistant Is a groundbreaking virtual assistant Services system that will help you to save all your afford to take business towards the next level. You will save your ume, money, and cost of developing your brand, compiling your complicated business tasks, and handling your social media wings. You will get an expert remote assistal finish all your work from Online Advertising to market research as well as wriung creative content designing product manuals, and even, plant-mg your travel and event.

Ask For Assistant values you the most as their client, subsequently, you will get a completely expert and all-around experienced virtual assistant services that will expertly deal with all your official work remotely and help you to rid of the work life headache. Once the task Is assigned, straight away will be starting on It. Ask For Assistant provides easy to access virtual assistant that will work with you closely and solve yo workload

Traditional Employee
Virtual Employee

Don't just take our words for it, see what our global clients are saying

We have over 100 extremely happy global clients. Regardless of whether you're a consultant or blogger, CEO or startup founder, you can hire Virtual Assistants from Ask For Assistant to assist you with developing your company and enjoy a superior work-life balance. How? By managing all of those little yet important tasks.

Mark Wiggins

“Ask For Assistant transformed my work-life in just a couple of weeks! My assistant Veronica is a total rockstar and I am grateful to them for coming up with such a needed service for busy professionals like myself.”

Mark Wiggins

Business Coach & Entrepreneur
Vanessa Jackson

“I have had a great overall experience. I really like this team and I like how quickly they resolve all issues.”

Vanessa Jackson

COO & Co-founder
Mathew Collins

“Thank you for a pleasurable experience. I am extremely happy with both quality and maintaining deadlines.”

Mathew Collins

CEO & Co-founder
Jaimilie A. Maduro

Great communications & professional work. My VA is very knowledgeable in different areas and knows how to do the research when needed and finish any tasks at hand. Definitely will continue using their service.”

Jaimilie A. Maduro

Founder & CEO, OCC Holdings & Consultancy

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